Thursday, June 11, 2015

About Me!

Hi there!! My name is Jenny and I am a special education teacher for students with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities and autism at a fantastic high school south of Atlanta, GA! I have known since 4th grade that I wanted to teach students with significant disabilities and am so grateful to say that I'm living my dream!

I have been married to an amazingly supportive man for 10 years (10?! How did THAT happen?!?!) and have been teaching for 9 of those years. I grew up in Pensacola, FL and still miss the beach like crazy!!  Thankfully, our families still live there, so we visit often!

Last summer, I found a wonderful community of educators on instragram. If you've not done so, I encourage you to get an account and search #teachersfollowteachers or #iteachsped to get you started! I follow some inspiring teachers, so find me at lovespedteaching and go from there:-) I am starting this blogging journey with much prayer and excitement, hoping that I will be able to connect with even more amazing educators to learn from and share ideas with as we all work to be the best teachers we can be!


  1. Hi, I am your newest follower. I also teach students with moderate to severe disabilities in a self contained seeing , mostly students with autism, but occasionally other disabilities, as well. I currently teach middle school, but have done high school in the past. And I am clear across the states from you and teach in the Seattle area. I also have a blog that I haven't been as faithful to this past year, but hope to spend some more time at this summer. . I look forward to reading your posts and I will look for you on instagram.


    1. Thank you for sharing your blog with me! I love finding teachers who are in the same trenches to learn from and grow with! I visited Seattle a few years ago: absolutely, undeniably beautiful. I look forward to following you as you travel the country this summer :-)