Saturday, June 13, 2015

TWI: Part 1 Freebies!

What do teachers do on summer break? We learn about teaching, of course! ;-) I have been participating in a summer book study with The Kindergarten Smorgasboard, studying the book "Teaching with Intention" by Debbie Miller. We just finished part one and my eyes have been opened! I won't spoil the book for you (because you're looking for it on your Kindle right now, aren't you?!), but I will say that she encourages you to really take a look at what you do and WHY you do it. In this part, she discusses vision and reflection. One of the first things that is suggested is envisioning your "perfect" classroom scene. I struggle pretty seriously with perfectionism, so I prefer to consider my "best" classroom. I created this page for use in envisioning my best classroom and working toward making it a reality:
It's free in my brand-new Teachers Pay Teachers store, so click on the picture and grab it up! Once I determine the vision for my best classroom and the goals and steps that I hope to make it possible, how will I know that I'm making progress?  Hmm...can you tell I'm a special educator? I'm progress monitoring myself!! Haha! Well, I chose to devise a list of questions that I will answer daily in my afternoon reflection time (That's what I'm calling that time after the kids leave when I can barely keep my head off of the table and my brain is completely shot) ;-)  It's not fancy, but I'm planning to print it once and affix it to the inside of a composition book that I will use for reflection. Also included in the download is a worksheet-style with blanks. Click on the picture to enjoy this freebie as well! 

My overarching goal for a very long time has simply been to be a better teacher today than I was yesterday. I really feel like these tools will help me in that venture! 

What are some other teaching-related books that you would recommend? I'd love to expand my professional library!

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